Feather Finds, Feather Identification Tips

Robin feathers from Shenandoah

I recently had the opportunity to take a hike through the Shenandoah National Park of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. Even in near-winter, the park looks absolutely stunning, with rushing mountain waterfalls and purple mountain majesty stretching into the horizon. The dense deciduous forest habitat seems to be a favorite of American Robins. Over the course… Continue reading Robin feathers from Shenandoah


The feather enthusiast’s reading list

When it comes to learning about feathers, sometimes you just can't beat a book in terms of quality and convenience. With summer reading season in full swing, it seems like a fitting time to share some of my favorite books from my overstuffed bird bookshelf. I've linked each book's Amazon page in case you want… Continue reading The feather enthusiast’s reading list

Feather Finds, Feather Identification Tips

Confusing Corvids

You may already know this depending on your level of bird-nerdiness, but in some parts of the United States there are actually two different types of crows! Besides the standard American Crow, its cousin the Fish Crow can often be found around bodies of water, especially the coast. The folks living in the Pacific Northwest… Continue reading Confusing Corvids

Feather Finds

An unusual find in Texas…

...and why feather evidence isn't always reliable. In July of 2018, I had the opportunity to go birding in Big Bend National Park, an ecological gem situated in the big bend (how fitting!) of southwestern Texas. The trip involved a road-trip tour from Atlanta with my very patient father, seeking birds and their feathers all… Continue reading An unusual find in Texas…